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Matt Bateman is a brand manager, creative team leader and production designer based in Leighton Buzzard. An ex-games developer, Matt brings a unique set of skills to his projects. With over 10 years of experience in the creative industry and seven years in brand, his track record has been marked by the successful launch and re-launch of popular brands nationwide. Matt’s work has helped to drive market share and multiply both brand recognition and revenue through strategic branding initiatives and effective brand management.

“Being able to work with so many great people and with so many great brands has been extraordinary. My tenure in the entertainment and interactive industries gives me a competitive edge when discussing user experience and brand relations. My love of all things artistic makes me endlessly enthusiastic for the creative process. My project management experience means I see the big picture and actively pursue the most efficient way to realise the goal.”

A powerful communicator and a visual thinker, Matt loves to work with engaging and fun companies, to tether up their creative outputs. Project management, brand development and team leadership all with a creative flair are his specialities.

Matt Bateman | Brand Designer Bedfordshire


Brand Development / Visual Identity
Project Management / Development
Social Networking / Brand Communication
Copy Writing / PR & Marketing
Webmaster Suite / Google Analytics



Video Editing
Web / SEO
3D / Motion /Animation

Outside of work, Matt is obsessed with Star Wars, Transformers and video games. He is a keen gamer and reader of science fiction, which informs his work to a great degree. Liberally drawing influences from board games, 90s animation, classical paintings, comic books and the language of science fiction; Matt is an eclectic designer and a passionate team leader. Matt is also a writer, producer and co-founder of The Game Show and its accompanying YouTube channel.

Matt Bateman

I'm a creative, a designer and a gamer. I'm passionate about branding, production design and games content. Being able to blend these disciplines is a career dream. I'm an interpersonal and effective team leader. I love typesets, brand language and all things teal and pink.


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