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Thank you for your interest. I am available for full-time career opportunities, consultation, public speaking engagements and freelance requests. Phone: +44 7917694453

Matt Bateman

I'm a creative, a designer and a gamer. I'm passionate about branding, production design and games content. Being able to blend these disciplines is a career dream. I'm an interpersonal and effective team leader. I love typesets, brand language and all things teal and pink.


@Trashlevania @Cilllah I've put about one million hours into Axiom Verge and I have no idea where to go30 mins
RT @Villordsutch: THEC64 Mini is on its way over! News @flickeringmyth - @the64computer #retrogaming #C64 #commodor…39 mins
@retrograde77 @Lord_Arse That's good news. I'm running it on Win98, hipster style 😂41 mins
@GamesShed @MKeyboards No ISO? @MKeyboards 😭3 hours