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Budget PC Game Brand

I worked for a budget PC games developer many years back. All the usual brand development work you’d expect, from web to print; logotype creation to compliments slips. Along with unifying brand visuals across company documents, I was tasked with creating artwork for a large line of budget PC game titles, to be sold in high street budget retailers. The catalogue was enormous. These works were done on a stringent time budget – I was knocking out five of these every day. The quality of this artwork, in the budget PC space, helped to sell thousands of these products into brick-and-mortar retail.

Matt Bateman

I'm a creative, a designer and a gamer. I'm passionate about branding, production design and games content. Being able to blend these disciplines is a career dream. I'm an interpersonal and effective team leader. I love typesets, brand language and all things teal and pink.


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