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Squibs Video Game

Squibs is one of my proudest achievements. Having worked on a few shipped titles (and more unshipped), Squibs stands out because this project was mine. Based on an original idea by me, Squibs is a satirical slice at (then-)modern AAA development. I was design lead and co-producer, with the art assets also being either my work, or completed under my supervision.

Due to some ludicrous decisions by upper-chainers, the game was canned before it made it to WiiWare. At the time I’d built a solid relationship with the guys over at Nintendo and we were getting a good deal with promotion thrown in. Before the game was fully lot-checked, most of us were pulled off of this project and put onto other things. One of those things was a design document for Jackie Chan: Stunt Challenge which I co-wrote and sold for thirty grand, so it’s not all doom-and-gloom.

We did get an iOS version out. Chillingo published it initially and it got some decent reviews, despite a complete lack of commercial success.

Matt Bateman

I'm a creative, a designer and a gamer. I'm passionate about branding, production design and games content. Being able to blend these disciplines is a career dream. I'm an interpersonal and effective team leader. I love typesets, brand language and all things teal and pink.


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